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Never Have I Ever Intro

Never Have I Ever is a diverse tool which can be used as a teaching tool or just for fun. For example, it is not uncommon to start a work meeting by playing Never Have I Ever to break the ice. Also, kids can play for fun while their parents watch over and learn the sneaky things their little ones have been up to. Even Clean Never Have I Ever Questions can range from embarrassing to extremely funny so pick the correct type depending on the activity planned. Now the necessary disclaimers are out-of-the-way let us have some fun!

Never Have I Ever is most used to find out information about someone, maybe it’s your best friend and you want to see how similar (or different) you two are from each other. Or you are attending a bachelorette party and now is the time to find out your bridesmaid’s dirtiest and darkest secrets!

Well, now I have your attention lets find out how to play.


Ways to Play Never Have I Ever

There are multiple ways to play but let us focus on the most modern

  • First, visit neverhaveever.com
  • Choose the category the rest of the group is using
  • Press Play!

It is that simple to get started now everyone has the game pulled up on their smartphones (alternatively the group can use one phone and get the questions from there).

  • If you have done the question you gain a point! We normally play until 10 points.

Note the 10 point rule is only so you will know when to stop no one wins or loses in this game! It’s just pure fun but all good things have to eventually come to an end.


How to Play Never Have I Ever On Text

Understandable you will not always be in a group setting but Never Have I Ever can be played from all around the world via text.


  • Go to neverhaveever.com and choose the appropriate category and choose a question.
  • Start by typing “Never Have I Ever…” the question.
  • You both have to answer the question Yes or NO.
  • If you have done it the other person has to tell you something you did not know about them!
  • If you have not, you have to say something about yourself they don’t know

Play as many times as you want!

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A slight variation of the above strategy is to play a Drinking Game. If you Have Done the question, then you drink. This is one of the most fun variations of the Never Have I Ever game. Trust me I know, I’ve played it!

If playing this variation you already know which of your friend will need a drop home because of intoxication (it was me!).

Things to note before playing

Never Have I Ever can become a derogatory game very quickly if not played correctly or with the wrong group. It is important for EVERYONE to be comfortable with EVERYONE Playing. Questions like “Never Have I Ever cheated for revenge”, with a Christian person in the group is a very bad idea. Or asking questions you know your friend might want to keep private can ruin the game for everyone unless you know the entire group is OK with it. If unsure, it is best to avoid these type of embarrassing questions.

What this comes down to is depending on the severity or (dirtiness) of the questions being used your group should be chosen appropriately. Below are some examples of the type of questions here on never have ever.



  • Never have I ever rented a porno
  • Never have I ever had sex in a sleeping bag
  • Never have I ever been walked in on by my parents
  • Never have I ever fooled around in a sibling’s room
  • Never have I ever had sex in the back of a pickup truck
  • Never have I ever done it outside
  • Never have I ever taken nude pictures of a friend.
  • Never have I ever woken up in a strange place without remembering how I got there.
  • Never have I ever had to do the walk of shame.


  • Never have I ever ridden a floor less roller coaster.
  • Never have I ever ridden a mechanical bull.
  • Never have I ever gotten into a fistfight.
  • Never have I ever had to call the cops on someone.
  • Never have I ever shoplifted from a store.
  • Never have I ever crashed a party or wedding.
  • Never have I ever lied to my parents about where I was going.
  • Never have I ever snuck out of the house.
  • Never have I ever spent time in detention.
  • Never have I ever been in handcuffs.
  • Never have I ever stolen money from someone.
  • Never have I ever known Kylie Jenner was pregnant.

More Amazing Never Have I Ever Questions.


  • Never Have I Ever eaten my boogers
  • Never Have I Ever accidentally slapped a baby  (I wonder how that got here)
  • Never Have I Ever been bullied
  • Never Have I Ever lit my stove
  • Never Have I Ever begged for a certain gift
  • Never Have I Ever turned up my music to all
  • Never Have I Ever Seen Harry Potter
  • Never have I ever shared my utensils with my dog.

100’s Of New Questions

We already post new questions every day in multiple categories. But as our 2018 year resolution Never Have Ever is going to ramp up the output of questions while also removing our least popular questions. Ensuring when users browse our site there are only the best questions for that party or family get together for you to use. We take your feedback very seriously and it helps us to improve your experience, so we welcome your continued support in 2018.

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A Card Game

More details on the upcoming never have i ever card game as we advance through the year…