About us

First off welcome to Never Have Ever created by me Dario Callender.

I reside in the gorgeous tropics of Barbados. We are one of the more popular tourist attractions in the Caribbean and quite worthy of a vacation visit. Neverhaveever.com was in production from late 2016 but only officially published in 2017.

Though being a native English speaking individual I seek different ways for all languages and races to connect. By using a popular game such as Never Have I Ever and of course the power of the internet we have done just that. Our audience not only breaks through language barriers but also ages. We have "Never Have I Ever" questions for kids right up through to adults.

We have some new features upcoming that will for sure interest our subscribers. They will be all revealed at the right time, so subscribe for my yearly infographic. Trust me this is something worth subscribing to!

If there are any questions you wish to add to the site or better yet, any suggestion for current questions or designs we have a dedicated contact form for both. 

Contact us or even check out our privacy policy. Happy learning!