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Online Never Have I Ever Question and Answers Game

Play Never Have I Ever questions and answers online! Test your preferences against the world!



  1. Choose a category from below.
  2. Choose if 'You Have' or 'Have Never' to the questions shown.


  1. What others have voted will be displayed as well as the total number of votes.
  2. That's it get started now!
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Game Modes

Drinking Game

Play as a drinking game in groups. Anyone asks, "Never Have I Ever..." Whoever did the question has to drink. If no one has never then the person who asked the question has to drink. Then the next person then asks, "Never Have I..." Rinse and repeat.

There is no real winner. Well other than the person who stays sober the longest.


Online Mode

Choose a category and compare your answers to the rest of the world. Are you with the majority? Play "Never Have I Ever" to find out.

We will be adding a new mode soon so stay tuned.

Examples Questions

Never Have I Ever

...bought a used item
...bought a designer pair of shoes.
...sacrificed my sleep for someone.
...ruined my hair while styling.
...dressed like a monster.
...taken alcohol without the consent of my parents.
...colored my mane.
...vomited while traveling.
...slipped on banana peel.
...thought of dumping my boyfriend/ girlfriend.
...tried baking.
...ate food which was spilled on the floor.
...been ill on a special occasion.
...been scared of spiders.
...saw a movie in a theater.
...slipped amidst the public.
...ate rotten food.
...scared someone from the back.
...failed in any exam.
...been intoxicated while driving.