Never Have I Ever Card Game – Cards of Promiscuity!

This is our Never Have I Ever card game official launch page! We started Never Have Ever mid-2016 with the hope of bringing people together through this website. We did that by creating a platform that worldwide users can use to observe the preferences of other countries. Each of our questions includes the top 3 countries (soon to be more) who voted on the questions.

Online prelaunch

During our launch period, many card and board game versions of the "Never Have I Ever" game were launched. Most of which contain thoughtless or inappropriate questions not suitable for the audience marketed on the box.

Never Have Ever has chosen only the best questions from our database, the ones which have already been tried and true by thousands of our site users.

We will release a minimum of two versions of the card game.
A clean version and a dirty version with samples of the questions inside on the box. Also, the cards are designed to operate seamlessly with the website but still independently.

What does the mean?
We will release a bit more information as we near our launch date.

never have i ever card game

The Question Cards

The Never have I ever cards are all two-sided and made of a high-quality material allowing you to use them over and over again.
Each pack contains a whopping 150 cards with our best questions, making sure you and your friends/family can have fun all night long.

Pictures coming soon!

Cards of Promiscuity Instructions

Cards of Promiscuity
Cards of Promiscuity

Pull a card.

Have Done it

If you have done the questions you have to keep the card and take 2 shots.

Or you can decide if to scan the card.


If the majority of people online have done the question you only have to take 1 shot.

Else still take 2 shots

Everyone else who has done the question has to take 1 shot.

Have Not Done It

If you haven’t done the question the group decides who is most likely to do the card and they get the card and have to take the two shots.

Everyone else who has done the question has to take 1 shot.

First to 10 cards wins.

Help us help you. Leave a comment if this is something you want! Doing so will encourage our team to get this done faster.

Leave us with your email and be first in line on launch day!

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The rules are simple. Why?

They are none! Just have fun!

On a more serious note
Buy the right deck of cards for the correct friend groups. The dirty card deck would be better for a night out with friends. The clean card deck works best for family or Christian gatherings.

Or get em both!

If you have any questions concerning which version of the game to purchase, let us know here.

Or browse our dirty never have I ever questions or our clean never have I ever questions section on the site.


Estimated release date