Never Have I Ever App! The best one yet! Find out why

Introducing the Never Have I Ever progressive web app, the new generation of website integrations!

How to Play

Since you are here you’ve probably already heard of the Never have I ever game. Our Never Have I Ever app is the first of its kind in the industry.


Never Have i ever appGather your friends around its time to have some fun!
Choose a category and ask the first question displayed.
Whoever has done the question either gets a point or has to drink.
Then click “Next”.
The next person asks the next question and so on so forth.

How it works


  1. Add to your home screen.
  2. Open “Never Have I Ever” and choose a category.
  3. The app generates the questions for the category you choose
    • Submit your answers to the questions asked.
    • Or ask your friends the questions at your next game night




The clean section contains no profanity or questions of sexual nature. Perfect for a family gathering or playing with friends looking for some PG laughs. These question all work well with our upcoming Never Have I Ever cards.


No holds barred! These questions are the sluttiest and dirtiest of the bunch. Play with people you know well. Perfect for a party night or bachelor/bachelorette parties.


Funny never have I ever questions are designed to generate some laughs. Questions are a mix of all types but 90% of the questions are considered clean.


Appropriate for kids under 12 years of age. Games, tv shows, habits. All age appropriate never have I ever kids questions.

Drinking Game

A popular way to play “never have I ever” is as a drinking game. These questions will get your group intoxicated extremely fast!
Note you can use the dirty never have I ever questions category as a drinking game as well.

Installing the App

No install needed, saving space on your device. This is not a simple bookmark even though it appears as one. Add to your home screen and enjoy the experience. Refer to the images below for Apple and Android Devices.

add to home screen for Apple
Add to Home Screen for Apple
add app to homescreen Android
Add app to home screen Android