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Use our Never have I ever questions and game instructions for countless ideas to have the best night ever! We'll show you how to play "Never have I ever" to keep the conversations going, the laughs coming and the drinks pouring!

100+ Never Have I Ever Questions...

See our Have You Ever questions lists for ideas below!

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Dirty Questions List for Adults

Get started with...

  1. Never Have I Ever Cheated
  2. Never have I ever sucked my partners toes
  3. Never have I ever stimulated a man’s prostate
  4. Never have I ever been with someone 10 inches or longer
  5. Never have I ever successfully convinced my partner to have a threesome
  6. Never have I ever required medical attention due to a foreign object stuck inside my body.
  7. Never have I ever used any type of food to masterbate
  8. Never have I ever used something other than a condom as a condom
  9. Never Have I Ever Watched a Friend Have Intercourse
  10. Never have I ever had to leave a partners house naked
  11. Never have I ever Thrown up on a dick while giving head
  12. Never have I ever been fisted
  13. Never have I ever done it on a kitchen counter
  14. Never have I ever slept with twins
  15. Never have I ever slept with a friend’s partner
  16. Never have I ever swallowed on the very first blowjob
  17. Never have I ever lied about being a virgin
  18. Never have I ever cheated on my partner with their bestfriend
  19. Never Have I Ever eaten ass
  20. Never have I ever lied to protect a cheating friend
  21. Never have I ever gotten aroused during a medical examination
  22. Never have I ever woken up to someone giving me head
  23. Never have I ever done the “mad search for clothes” when someone knocked on the door
  24. Never Have I Ever made out with a friends boyfriend
  25. Never have I ever been to a strip club.
  26. Never have I ever had a threesome
  27. Never have I ever taken nude pictures of a friend.
  28. Never have I ever got cum in my hair
  29. Never have I ever tried to convince my partner to have a threesome
  30. Never have I ever caught my parents doing it
  31. Never have I ever watched porn in church
  32. Never have I ever had an STD scare!
  33. Never have I ever done it in the sea
  34. Never have I ever licked a booty hole
  35. Never Have I Ever Had to use Lubrication

Online Questions Generator


Online Questions Generator

How does it work?

  1. Choose a category and we will generate the "Never have I ever" statements.
  2. Ask the group the statement shown in the game.
  3. Everyone has to answer and who has done it has to drink/gets a point (depending on what mode you are playing).
  4. Lastly, have a blast playing! I sure did.

never have i ever questions


The perfect list to get you started for the holidays.

  1. … gone caroling.
  2. … made a snow angel.
  3. … ridden a snow sled.
  4. … shoveled snow from my driveway.
  5. … wished for a Christmas baby.
  6. … believed in Santa Claus.
  7. … created handmade ornaments.
  8. … spent Christmas alone.
  9. … dressed my family in matching Christmas outfits.
  10. … created an ugly Christmas sweater.
  11. … cut down my own Christmas Tree.
  12. … filled stockings for Christmas.
  13. … been a Secret Santa.
  14. … hosted the annual Christmas party.
  15. … watched the new year celebration lights.
  16. … bought my pet a present.
  17. … given or received gifts for the 12 days of Christmas.
  18. … had a white Christmas.
  19. … given food to a homeless shelter.
  20. … slept in until after midday on Christmas
  21. … accidentally pulled down a Christmas.
  22. … celebrated Christmas.
  23. … worked on Christmas Eve.
  24. … given someone a gift and they cried.
  25. … dreaded Christmas Cleaning.
  26. … baked my own cake on Christmas.
  27. … burned the family Christmas Dinner.
  28. … baked my own ham.
  29. … been snowed in.




The statements below guys are most likely to do. Having a guy night, bring these bad boys along.

  1. … been to (2) or more nightclubs in one night.
  2. … teased an army official.
  3. … measured my junk.
  4. … done something totally stupid and broke a bone.
  5. … driven before I had my license.
  6. … tried dancing like Michael Jackson.
  7. … messed with the watchman.
  8. … set my house on fire.
  9. … hit someone for no reason.
  10. … frightened someone using the deepness of my voice.
  11. … tripped someone in public.
  12. … shouted to hear my echo.
  13. … farted in a closed space and watched others squeal.
  14. … stolen alcohol from the kitchen.
  15. … damaged my parent's vehicle and fixed it on the same night.
  16. … chased down an animal while driving.
  17. … gone commando.
  18. … flirted with a much older lady.
  19. … been caught 'doing it'.
  20. … ran across the road to avoid a car.

guy image


Have You Ever Questions for Couples

Use these questions to find out a bit more about your potential partner.

  1. … fallen asleep on my partner while watching TV.
  2. … peed in the shower.
  3. … laughed until I threw up.
  4. … done an adrenaline junkie activity with my partner like skydiving.
  5. … used Tinder.
  6. … tried speed dating.
  7. … dated someone I was told to date by friends.
  8. … been stressed by my partner.
  9. … done a double date.
  10. … dreamed about my wedding day.
  11. … eaten only ice cream for a whole day.
  12. … tried to change my partner's phone to an iPhone.
  13. … tried to impress someone who hates me.
  14. … cheated.
  15. … traveled with a significant other.
  16. … dinned and dashed with a significant other.
  17. … thrown up on a friend.
  18. … laughed so hard I sharted.
  19. … had a picnic date.
  20. … played two truths ad a lie with as a conversation starter.

Never Have I Ever Rules



The classic game is the most basic, yet the most common way to play “Never have I ever.” Have everyone gather around, and ask the first question, “Never have I ever…” followed by something you have not done. For example, “Never have I ever been in handcuffs.” Whoever answers yes gains one point. Customarily, who has done the statement has to tell a short story of what happened.

Other versions of the game represent points by eating gross foods. Or taking a shot, if playing the Never have I ever drinking game. This game is also referred to as “I've Never” or “Have You Ever” and we might use these terms interchangeably throughout this guide. Don't worry! We'll discuss these and more below. Click the tabs to show content.

Drinking Game

A popular way to play is the never have I ever drinking game. Anyone asks the first "Never have I ever..." whoever has done it has to drink. If no one has ever, then they get to remain sober another day while the person who asked has to drink. The next player then asks the next statement.

There is no real winner. Well other than the person who stays sober the longest. Check out this section for even more ways to play never have I ever.

Survival Secrets!!

Start by picking questions for which you don’t always have to drink. Mix it up so your friends can see you are still having fun. Choose statements you know most of your friends have done but you haven’t. This way they still get to enjoy the game and your contribution is still a fun one.

Try to play standing up. Standing helps your body distribute the alcohol better and will stop you from becoming tipsy too quickly. While on your feet try to keep active in the area. Take a few steps back and forth to keep the blood flowing.

Next, make sure you eat before even starting to play. Not necessarily directly before but at least within a few hours of playing.

If you plan to get drunk, please arrange transportation beforehand. This could be a friend, a taxi an Uber or whatever you need to get home safely without driving.

Even though this is a game you still need to think responsibly to avoid drinking and driving.

Points Game

Almost forgot, another variation of this game is called "Ten fingers" which represents points with fingers. Everyone starts by holding up 10 fingers. If you've done any of the statements you have to put down one finger.

Gross Foods Game

In this way to play "Never Have I Ever", you have to eat something nasty instead of drinking.

Ask the first "Never have I ever" and see who answers yes. But instead of just moving onto another statement, those who've done it has to eat something gross! This food is one of a few gross foods, predetermined before the game began. Such as raw onion, celery or okra (which taste bad to some people). Or you can increase the stakes and use foods like Durians or fish eyeballs etc.

Do not eat anything poisonous or expired! We want to end this game night with everyone alive.

The foods are rotated after everyone answers the question. Therefore the foods are consumed in the same order each time.


It’s up to you!

Make up your own way to play “Never Have I Ever” and let us know how it goes! For example, you can play the kissing, touching and or stripping game all of which are self-explanatory. But below is a brief preview:


If you have done the action asked, you get to kiss the person who asked it.


If you have done the action asked, you get to touch the person who asked it.


You have to remove one piece of clothing for every action you have done. Whoever is fully naked first ends the game.

The above versions of the games are best played with a group of boys mixed with girls who are comfortable with each other since some of these activities can be a bit embarrassing.

More Ways to Play Never Have I Ever...

"Never have I ever" can be used in many situations, from work to bachelorette parties (these can be found in the dirty section online).
"Never have I ever" can also be used as an icebreaker at a work get-together. Of course, the statements used in this version of the game are much milder than those used for kids or at a party. An example of a work statement could be, "Never have I ever used the last coffee in the pot and not refill it". If you did, remember the purpose of playing this game at work is just to the break the tension - therefore no drinking or questionable activities while at work! This is only but one, of the many "Never have I ever..." on our platform.

Card Game

Instead of coming up with statements on the fly it is common practice to use a card game. Just choose a card from the well-shuffled deck and whoever has done the statement has to take action.

We are in the process of creating our very own never have I ever card game stay tuned for launch details and where to Buy!

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