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Send us your own questions through this online form. We review and update our questions daily! Like us on facebook for a chance to win one of our new upcoming card games. Submit as many as you like these questions are moderated first then quickly added to our site. If any errors occur during the submission be assured we would correct them before adding to the site. No personal information is collected during submission so be as provocative (or as nice) as you want.

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We currently have twelve (12) categories (Clean, Good, Adults, Dare, Dirty, Drunk, Funny, Icebreaker, Kids, Drinking Game, Teenagers, and Work) if your question does not fit into any of these categories feel free to add the category name in the same form as the question. We thank you for this extra effort. If you have any questions regarding question submissions or any other site related queries use our contact us page to submit those.

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After you have submitted how about playing a few rounds of Never Have I Ever. Do this by using the ‘Questions’ tab at the top of the page and selecting your favorite category. Then hit play!